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Çanak Batak

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About Us

MATGAME is here to take the cross-platform game experience into the next level in terms of both visual quality and gameplay. Our first card game Çanak Batak aims to enrich the gaming experience visually and make one of the most played games in Turkey more fun and exciting!


Game Development

MATGAME always prioritize the visuality and gameplay and develops high-tech interactive games for Android and iOS platforms. By making the right determination of user needs and target audience analysis, we create custom game projects for you or your business and make your ideas come true.


About Çanak Batak

MATGAME’s creative team had started to develop Çanak Batak in 2018. The game hit the Android and iOS stores at 2019’s first quarter and already downloaded by hundreds of players. You can play Çanak Batak in 3 different ways (Spades Trump, Bid, and Paired Bid) in 12 different game rooms. If you want to play with your friends, you can choose a Private Table and start to show them your talents in the Batak game. For more information about Çanak Batak, please click here!


What do we pay attention to when developing games?

We pay great attention to four things to develop high quality and user-friendly games in terms of visuality and playability:


Creating user-friendly designs First, we determine what the gamers need and want with right analysis.


We update and upgrade our games to keep our users’ enjoyment at the top level.


Our R&D unit develops games with a user-friendly interface and high-end graphics.


For a smooth game experience from A to Z, we keep the user accounts safe.

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