Matgame Ltd. and its affiliates (“we” or “us”) provide game services and features included thereon (the “Services”). Protecting your privacy and personal information are of great importance to us. This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect about you while using the Services and why, what we do with that information and how we handle the information.

  • Matgame produces and publishes social games for web and mobile devices for entertainment purposes. Hereinafter, “Matgame” or “We” means Matgame Bilisim Ltd.Şti., its affiliates, parent companies, joint ventures and other institutional entities under its joint ownership and/or their representatives, agents, consultants, employees, managers and directors and all enterprises associated with Matgame Ltd. Şti in this Privacy Policy.
  • Here in after, “Services” means the applications or games, entertainment pages and forums, which are owned by Matgame, and Matgame has the right to have an impact on legally and technically and put into use over the application stores and open access websites particularly on our website, Google Play, App Store, Facebook, Facebook Gameroom, Windows store and Amazon and/or all the services that are connected to these games,
  • Hereinafter, “You, You All, Users” mean all of the people benefiting from the Services of Matgame.
  • Matgame respects the privacy rights of the Users benefiting from the Services. In this Privacy Policy, we state how and why we gathered the information related to the Users, which information we gather, how we use this information and with whom we share it, how we access this information and how we update it, and how the information is gathered, used, and kept.
  • When you access and visit the Services or when you download/load/install the Services to your device, and when you use them or benefit from them, you deemed to have accepted this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, and you deemed to have accepted and declared explicitly that you don’t have any reservations for all the information and documents, which are acquired through the Services, to be used/processed/kept within the scope of this document.
  • We state that Matgame is not responsible for the actions of third parties, the contents of websites, the use of the information provided by you to such third parties or of the services provided by third parties.
  • Matgame reserves the right to update/revise this Privacy Policy within itself. As long as you continue to benefit from the Services, you are deemed to have agreed to the most current version of this Privacy Policy as well in the events that this Privacy Policy is updated/revised.
  • If you do not agree on this Privacy Policy and/or the Terms of Use, we strongly inform that you must not benefit from the Services.

Before benefiting from our Services, we inform you and strongly recommend you that you must read this “Privacy Policy” and the “Terms of Use” carefully.


Our purpose of gathering information is to ensure your easy utilization from the Services, to manage and/or to be able to track the use of the Services, to be able to provide assistance for the Services, and to be able to conduct analyzes in order to provide the best Service experience. In line with these purposes, Matgame shall be able to save, keep/store, process, and, when needed, share or hand over your Personal Information (the information that you created within the Services, and declared during your registration) with/to third persons as of the time you have started to benefit from the Services.

1.1. Information Obtained From Third Parties

In case you connect to, benefit from, or access to our Services through any social network and/or third parties, Matgame shall be able to access to, gather, or save your information through Third Parties to the extent permitted by you and such Third Parties. Likewise, Matgame may share some of your information with these third parties. In such cases, you also need to read the Privacy Policies of these Third Parties. The information we may receive from third parties are;

  • Your name – last name information,
    • Your profile photo,
    • Your public information,
    • Your friends’ public information,
    • Your E-Mail address,
    • Your place and/or location information defined in third parties,
    • Your gender,
    • Your birthday and age,
    • All other information that you or third parties shared with Matgame.

The information we received from the devices that you used for benefiting from the Services;

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address,
    • Media Access Control (MAC),
    • International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI),
    • Operation system version,
    • Hardware of the device,
    • We may collect and store the information such as usage times and statistical data concerning the services.

The information that is accessible to other Users benefiting from the Services are;

  • Your name – last name information,
    • Your profile photo,
    • Your gender,
    • Your age, your zodiac information,
    • If you are connected through Third Parties, your place and/or location information registered there,
    • Your statistics in the Services.

There are advertisements within the Services as well. The third Parties, which are used/agreed with for ad impression, can anonymously or non-anonymously access all or some of this information.

There is an “Invite” button within the Services, which functions based on the features of the Social Network Sharing, to which you are connected during your registration. These buttons may collect information regarding which area in the Services you visited.

These and similar buttons/directions may be provided by third parties and/or directly over the Services. Your sharing with these features are subject to the privacy policy of the party providing this feature.

All the information that you create within the Services is deemed to be separate from your “Real Identity” (The legal identity that was established for you by the country, which you are a citizen of).

1.2. Information Obtained Through Analyses

Matgame reserves and uses analysis software to track the functionality of the Services. When needed in the Services, we may use the following in order to improve the use of the Services, to increase their performance, and to enhance the experiences that you benefit from;

  • Cookies that are small electronic data pieces,
    • Markers keeping the information about which areas were accessed,
    • Software pieces saving the incidents happening within the Services in the database,
    • Tags enabling Matgame and/or the entities, which it carries out a work together, to give a relevant advertisement.

These technologies, whose knowledge is given, are small electronic information pieces not hosting the situations such as operating the devices on which the Services are used, showing advertisements on these devices, and having an impact on the devices as spyware. We use these technologies to be able to see the following;

  • Information of where the Services were accessed from,
    • Hardware of the used device,
    • Operating system and type of the browser and its languages,
    • MAC Address, IMEI Address and IP Address,
    • Type of the used platform,
    • Periods spent in certain areas,
    • Utilization periods from the Services,
    • User behaviors in the Services.

If necessary, Matgames may match this information with Your User Information in the Services. In addition, we state that the companies, which are involved within the Services and are in charge of advertising, may also use the cookies or other tracking technologies, and the use of such information is subject to the relevant companies’ own policies. Our Privacy Policy does not include the use of third party’s analysis and monitoring tools.

1.3 Information Obtained From Public Areas

You know that all the sharing, which you will make in the blogs and information sharing areas that can be accessed by everyone in connection with the Services or in the open chat areas within the Services, shall become publicly available, and they become collectible, recordable, and usable by Matgame and/or third parties. You agree and declare that you are solely responsible for any risks and disputes that may arise from such sharing.

1.4 Information Obtained From (In-App Purchase)

You may purchase Digital / Virtual items (Membership types, Chips) to benefit within the Services. You are forwarded to the App Store on the platform where the device, which is used for the purchase, belongs. There may be some other information in the relevant Platform such as financial information, e-mail information, phone number and address information to complete the payment process. Matgame does not make purchase transaction by itself, and uses the sales systems of the platforms. Therefore, Matgame shall not be held responsible for the security of the information, such as Real Identification information and the financial information used in the purchasing process. The use of such information shall be entirely subject to the privacy policy of the relevant platform.

1.5 Information Obtained When Contacting With Matgame

When you wish to benefit from the Services and/or get support in any way related to the Services, Matgame may record and collect your access devices. Matgame may use and keep all the correspondences made with Matgame support teams and the information declared in such correspondences in order to communicate with You within the scope of the support services and to improve the Services. The information that was sent/shared to/with Matgame by you in order to make a job application, and your resume that you sent to Matgame from all other channels, particularly from its website, are gathered. Matgame uses this information in the meetings that it will make with you, and to determine whether you have the qualifications necessary for the position.

1.6 Retention

We shall retain certain records of the information collected about you for a period of three (3) years after termination of your account. Otherwise, we reserve the right to delete and destroy all of the information collected about you upon the stoppage of your account unless you request it.

Nevertheless, you have the right to request the deletion of your data. Depending on the Services that we have provided to you, we may be required to hold certain data for three (3) years from the date of request of deletion of data, for legal purposes. We cannot continue to provide our Service to you if you request the deletion of your data.


We collect information for providing a pleasant and good Service experience to the Users. We may use this information for those purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy within the scope of legal regulations without being limited to foregoing. These are;

  • Getting in contact with the users, being able to provide communication within the Services,
    • To be able to provide technical support for the Services and respond to the questions,
    • Being able to create a special Account for each User,
    • Increasing, developing and organizing the experiences of the beneficiaries of the Services,
    • Informing users about the instant events and the updates related to the Services,
    • Being able to provide commercial and marketing information.

2.1. Information Sharing

Matgame may share the information, which it obtains (anonymous information) collectively within the scope of the legislation in force, with third parties that it works together and/or considers to work with, and/or it may use them for commercial transactions without being limited to foregoing. However, it may share your information for the below-mentioned purposes without anonymizing. These are;

  • In case there is any judicial process (such as a court decision or notice of appearance, search warrant),
    • In case there is a law or legal regulation required to be enforced,
    • In case there are legal claims by security authorities or official institutions,
    • In cases where it is necessary to detect a fraud, extortion, improper use, security issue, technical problems related to the Services,
    • When the sale, allocation, transfer and marketing of all or some of the Services, assets, activities of Matgame all or some of them are at stake,
    • Matgame reserves the right within itself to share your information with the agreed service providers (Matgame may agree and work with third parties for the works, such as providing Customer services and support, storing and/or recording personal information, performing analysis) without anonymizing your information.

2.2. Third Parties and Advertisements

All or some of our Services may contain advertisements for providing free utilization to the Users. Such advertisements may enable you accessing to the services and websites belonging to the third party services, and several connections without being limited to them. Once you access them, you will be logged out of the Services of Matgame. Matgame shall not responsible for your access to such services. If these advertisements take part within the Services, the advertisers may access the information given below;

  • The click numbers and performances of the advertisements shown,
    • The general user profile statistics,
    • Your device information and several anonymous information without being limited to the foregoing. In case you choose to connect third party services, which are available on the Services and directs your access to other platforms (clicking their URL addresses, clicking their advertisements, accepting their invitations), this Privacy Commitment shall not be valid. We explicitly declare that Matgame and its Services shall not be responsible for such third parties collecting/recording and using your personal information.

2.3. Data Storage and Security of Your Data

Matgame keeps and protects all the information that it obtains throughout the periods permitted within the applicable laws both with online and offline security measures. We recommend you to protect your social network accounts and devices, if you are connected to our Services by using the social networks. Because those, who may get hold of these devices and/or accounts without your permission, may benefit from the Services instead of you. Matgame protects the personal information provided by the users in accordance with the sector standards and reasonably within the procedures (firewalls, data encryption etc.) prepared for security purposes. However, no security measure can be considered completely safe. In these circumstances, Matgame tries to ensure the full security of the information that it protects and stores, but does not guarantee its absolute security. Furthermore, Matgame is not obligated to confirm the accuracy of the information that it obtains, and does not undertake its confirmation. In addition, Matgame may keep all the information that it obtains in accordance with the applicable laws throughout the permitted periods and for the periods varying based on the importance of that information. All the information obtained through the Services may be kept, stored and processed in all the geographical regions where the assets, Services, partnerships, activities, premises or Service Providers of Matgame are located. The users of the Services agree and declare that their information may be kept, stored and processed in those geographical regions specified in this Privacy Policy.

2.4 Right to request deletion of your personal information

You may request that we delete any personal information that we have collected from/about you. However, we may retain personal information as authorized under applicable law, such as personal information required as necessary to provide our services, protect our business and systems from fraudulent activity, to debug and identify errors that impair existing functionality. If you ask us to delete it, you may no longer be able to access or use our services.

Exercise your access and deletion rights by submitting your request via email at [email protected].


In case a dispute arises between you and Matgame, YOU NEED TO GET IN CONTACT WITH MATGAME AT FIRST in order to find a solution by opening a support entry directly in the game or over [email protected] In case there are disputes that may arise between the beneficiaries of the Services and Matgame within the scope of this Privacy Policy, the Users accept and declare that these disputes shall be subjected to the legislation of the Republic of Turkey, Istanbul Central (Kadikoy) courts and enforcement offices shall be authorized to settle these disputes, and these disputes shall be settled by these courts.


Our Services are not provided to the children under 13 years old, since they are not appropriate for them. In relation to that, Matgame doesn’t knowingly collect, record and ask for the personal information of children under 13 years old. If the information of the children under 13 years old was collected and recorded since the wrong information was provided, this information shall be deleted after the first determination, and access of these accounts to the Services shall be terminated. In case you are a minor (not of full age), you must get the consent of your parents or legal guardians in order to benefit from the Services. We strongly recommend to the parents and legal guardians that they should warn their minor (under 18 years old) children for not giving their personal information without getting their consent. First degree relatives or legal guardians of our minor Users should get in contact with us over the e-mail address of [email protected] in order to get information about them, in case they have any problem or dilemma.


Please get in contact with us over the e-mail address of [email protected] , in case you have a question or demand regarding this Privacy Policy. In case you have any demand, you must send your message to the e-mail address of [email protected] with your full name written in your Real Identity through your e-mail address, which you used for registering to the Services, in Turkish and English languages in a way explaining your problem / need. Your demand shall be responded within 30 workdays. In case you do not accept a part or whole of this Privacy Policy, you accept and declare that you must cease to benefit from the Services.